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  • Oregon Scientific

E-Commerce Website of an Award Winning Manufacturer of Electronic Products
industry:Consumer Electronics
  • Challenge

    Oregon Scientific is an innovative and award winning manufacturer of electronic products. Oregon Scientific specializes in products such as radio-referenced clocks, home weather stations, youth learning aids and fitness devices. Throughout the years, Oregon Scientific received numerous awards for its home weather stations, cameras and mp3 players. In 2014, Oregon Scientific looked to redesign its E-Commerce websites worldwide.

  • Solution

    Bluecom took on the project with solutions and a standard Magento platform for Oregon Scientific’s websites worldwide. Bluecom conducted complex integration with marketplaces in European and US markets and streamlined E-Commerce operations with OMS for product, stock and order dataflow. Bluecom also created and integrated gift extensions based on volume of product purchased.

  • Result

    Australia and UK websites have already launched, with European and US websites to follow in early 2015. Data synchronization between Magento, SAP and warehouses around the globe have been setup with an easier and more efficient managed system.

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