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  • OneTeaspoon
E-Commerce Website of an Australian Fashion Retailer
market:Australia, US
  • Challenge

    OneTeaspoon, established in 2000, is an Australian fashion retailer. OneTeaspoon’s focus is on contemporary clothing with a fun, sexy, and rebellious style for girls and women around the world. Currently with four offices in Sydney, New York, Tokyo and Paris, OneTeaspoon decided to replatform its AU E-Commerce website to increase the capacity of its business.

  • Solution

    In 2014, OneTeaspoon decided to partner with Bluecom to implement Magento Enterprise for its existing AU E-Commerce website and additionally launch a US E-Commerce website on the same instance. Bluecom implemented standard features along with unique shipping methods for OneTeaspoon. Additionally, Bluecom provided integration with existing POS system and payment gateways with PayPal and Authorize. Bluecom also created user friendly mobile versions websites.

  • Result

    AU and US website launch in early 2015 with OneTeaspoon having the ability to grow their global E-Commerce stores in multiples regions and countries across the world. OneTeaspoon now has the control and flexibility to manage their E-Commerce sales and distribution channel in a manner they deem fit.

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