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  • Mothercare
B2C E-Commerce Website of a British Retailer Specializing in Products for Expectant Mothers and Children up to 8 Years Old
  • Challenge

    Mothercare, founded in 1961, is a British retailer specializing in products for expectant mothers and general merchandise for children up to 8 years old. A one-stop shop for quality, choice and value, Mothercare has over 1,060 stores worldwide, with products ranging from bedding and clothing to prams, pushchairs and toys. Mothercare was looking for a local E-Commerce Solution Provider to help with the localization and further development of its China E-Commerce platform.

  • Solution

    Bluecom took into account China best practices for localization of Mothercare’s China E-Commerce website. Bluecom helped with the development of Chinese specific features such as checkout process, text localization, payment gateway and advertising integration. Baidu Analytics was also integrated for selected pages.

  • Result

    Localized features were developed on time. Mothercare now has the ability to track and improve end-user engagement on its China E-Commerce website. Bluecom continues to develop further features for Mothercare.

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