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  • Implant Direct
B2B Leading Dental Implant B2B E-Commerce Website
market:Europe & US
  • Challenge

    Implant Direct was founded more than 30 years ago by Dr. Niznick, considered by many as the godfather of American implant dentistry

    As subsidiary of Danaher Corporation (Fortune 500), Implant Direct has become the leading supplier of dental implants

    Soon after the launch in 2012 of their B2B e-commerce website, Implant Direct became the leading dental implant online provider with hundreds of transactions per day

    Implant Direct had been looking for a Magento B2B expert for the launch of their European B2B e-commerce website

  • Solution

    Implant Direct has selected Bluecom for both its Magento Enterprise expertise and its experience on ERP integration

    Complex B2B functionalities have been developed on top of the Magento Enterprise solution

    Microsoft Dynamics has been integrated with the e-commerce platform for stock, order fulfillment, shipping information, and product flows

    Complex tax management rules have been configured to fit European countries’ legal requirements

  • Result

    Implant Direct is now able to cover its two main markets with an online presence, allowing a better customer experience through a cost-efficient approach

    Implant Direct European e-commerce website has been launched within 5 months after project kick-off

    Due to success of the project, Bluecom is now in charge of the continuous improvement for both American and European Implant Direct B2B e-commerce projects

    Implant Direct is looking for Bluecom to implement similar online e-commerce projects for its distributor’s network

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