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B2B/B2C Global Management Consulting Firm E-Commerce Website
industry:Global Management Consulting
  • Challenge

    Hay Group is a global management consulting firm with 87 offices in 49 countries. Hay Group specializes in working with leaders, to develop and organize them to be more effective and motivate them to perform at maximum capability. Hay Group’s clients come from private, public and not-for-profit sectors, across every major industry. Recently, Hay Group built a unique reputation in Emotional Intelligence tests for Universities and HR departments. Hay Group had been looking for their first E-Commerce project in China in 2014.

  • Solution

    Bluecom partnered with Hay Group to create an E-Commerce website optimized for China based on Hay Group’s corporate identity. Checkout process, payment system and invoicing system were standardized for the China market. Bluecom also synchronized the website with external platform for customer login and order information.

  • Result

    Hay Group created efficiencies for themselves and students, teachers and HR departments to purchase Emotional Intelligence tests online. The China E-Commerce website also marked the first online E-Commerce website for Hay Group leading to multi-country deployments.

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