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  • Emerco

B2B E-Commerce Website of Manufacturer of Pumps and Pump Systems
industry:Water Pumps
  • Challenge

    Emerco has established itself on the Internet for some time, but had previously bad experience with an unreliable e-commerce solution provider who was not able to deliver

    Emerco has a wide net of distributors across China and long-lasting sales relationships

    Emerco is active in a segment of a market where e-commerce is still a novelty

    Emerco was looking to have very specific B2B functionalities, such as promotional features, commissions etc. implemented on their e-commerce platform

  • Solution

    Emerco has selected Bluecom for its Magento development expertise and its know-how of the Chinese market

    Project has been developed on Magento Community but highly customized to the specific needs of Emerco

    The classic “offline” sales process has been implemented comprehensively online with the inclusion of their current sales staff

    A critical part of the project was the close integration with the internal ERP system through which all orders are processed

  • Result

    Emerco is now on the forefront of B2B e-commerce platform offers in China with a highly customized online shop offering

    Emerco’s Magento e-commerce project has launched in late 2013

    The extensive online commerce functionalities have neatly integrated into the business and sales processes within Emerco

    Bluecom is continuing to provide long-term services and technical support to further enhance the platform

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