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E-Commerce Website of Leading String Guitar Manufacturer
  • Challenge

    D’Addario has been involved in the string business in Italy since the 17th century; currently focusing on string guitars from the 1930’s

    From the early 1960’s, the guitar has become the most popular instrument in the U.S. and the D’Addario Company came up with many innovations in the manufacture of guitar strings

    The company is still owned and operated by the D’Addario family, with 13 family members among the 1,000 U.S. employees of the company

    Following a successful U.S. e-commerce implementation, D’Addario Company has decided to focus on establishing an online presence in China

  • Solution

    Web2Asia (D’Addario’s online distributor in China) has selected Bluecom for their technical expertise and deep knowledge of the Chinese market

    The development has been built on the Drupal Commerce solution allowing management of various artists related content types, from text & pictures to videos

    The complex catalog is based on different brands all having different attributes according to the characteristics of each musical instrument

    The e-commerce platform has been linked with the Tmall marketplace for end-users account management and checkout process

  • Result

    The Bluecom and Web2Asia cooperation allows Chinese music fans to have online access to advice from their favorite musicians and to purchase D’ Addario products

    The design has been integrated with a Chinese end-user perspective in mind, both in the layout structure and in the content architecture

    A comprehensive media library and descriptive products catalog has been built for music aficionados

    The synchronization between the e-commerce standalone website and the Tmall market place allows centralizing both orders and stocks within a same platform

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