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  • Banyan Tree
Leading Manager and Developer of Premium Resorts, Hotels and Spas E-Commerce Website
  • Challenge

    Banyan Tree owns 30 resorts and hotels, over 60 spas and 80 galleries; as well as three golf courses

    Banyan Tree’s first resort was built in 1984 in Phuket (Thailand), and then Banyan Tree made its debut on the Singapore stock exchange in 2006

    In the next two year, Banyan Tree plans to open more than 10 resorts in China and to continue its development in the rest of the world

    Banyan Tree had been looking to sell online the merchandising items available in its resorts, hotels, and spas all around APAC with a focus on China

  • Solution

    Banyan Tree has selected Bluecom for both its Magento expertise and its deep knowledge of the APAC market

    Design has been integrated with three different styles according to the three different collections of Banyan Tree products

    Specific mobile design has been implemented to ease the website navigation due to increasing amount of mobile end-users

    Membership program functionalities have been developed according to the items selected in the Banyan Tree catalogue

  • Result

    Banyan Tree is now able to sell its merchandising products both offline and online, allowing its’ clients to continue Banyan Tree’s experience when returning home

    Banyan Tree’s e-commerce website user experience is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices

    The overall design and user experience of the e-commerce website reminds Banyan Tree clients of their luxurious holidays

    Due to project success, Bluecom is in charge of analyzing requirements of the coming standalone Banyan Tree e-commerce website focusing on the Chinese market

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