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  • Aviva Systems Biology

B2B Antibody Manufacturer E-Commerce Website
  • Challenge

    From their two offices in the U.S. and in China, Aviva Systems Biology provides scientific support assisting researchers with a variety of antibodies

    Founded more than 10 years ago, Aviva Systems Biology is focusing on the design, manufacturing, and validation of its own antibodies

    More than 150 persons are dedicated to the conception of antibodies releasing more than 200 new antibodies every month

    Aviva Systems Biology has been looking for an e-commerce website able to distribute all around the world more than 100,000 products

  • Solution

    Aviva Systems Biology turned to Bluecom for the support and continuous improvement of its’ B2B e-commerce platform

    Some B2B functionalities have been implemented on top of the Magento solution, such as access to pricing only when the customer is logged-in

    In order to facilitate the regular catalogue update, an on-demand import / export script has been developed

    Magento performance has been improved in order to support a strong increase of the catalogue size (more than 110,000 products to date)

  • Result

    Aviva Systems Biology is facilitating bio research by selling online all around the world an impressive catalogue of antibodies

    Business users of Aviva Systems Biology B2B website can conveniently update the catalogue due to an optimized process

    Despite the complexity of the catalogue, products are easy to find due to a rethink of the content architecture and optimized for search functionality

    Scientists now have online access to a huge variety of antibodies to improve research in cancer and cardiovascular diseases

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