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E-Commerce Website of World's Number One Selling Furniture Store Brand
  • Challenge

    With over 520 retail furniture stores operating worldwide, Ashley Furniture HomeStore is the number one selling furniture store brand in the world and continues to look for growth. In China, Ashley Furniture HomeStore retail stores are known by the name Ashley Home Furnishings. With its parent company, Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc., focused on manufacturing and distributing furniture products, Ashley Furniture HomeStore looked to open its first E-Commerce store in China.

  • Solution

    Ashey Furniture HomeStore looked to Bluecom for its Asia E-Commerce expertise to build their first China E-Commerce store on the Magento Enterprise platform. This would mark Ashley Furniture HomeStore’s first time to use the Magento platform. Bluecom helped to implement unique shipping method, user friendly design with Chinese according to China best practices, mobile responsive design, one page checkout, frequently bought feature, Chinese live chat and T-mall style services.

  • Result

    Ashley Furniture HomeStore is able to launch its China E-Commerce store in early 2015 with Bluecom finishing within timeline. Ashley Furniture HomeStore now has the ability to control its brand image, promotions, orders and interactions with its customers through its E-Commerce store. Bluecom is also working on a second phase project for Ashley Furniture HomeStore with new design and ERP integration.

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